core values

Balance - We value managing the tension

[2 Timothy 1:7; Ecclesiastes 3:1-8]

God is the perfect balance of many seemingly opposing characteristics.  God is justice and love. He is the Alpha and the Omega.  Jesus was 100% human and 100% divine.  We want to teach believers that faith isn’t about having all the answers but its about learning to manage the tension of the unanswerable questions in life.  We want to help believers understand that the faith isn’t just about being Christian in church, but its living life with a sum of wise choices. 


Authenticity - We value honest conversations

[2 Corinthians 4]

Our goal is to represent Jesus plainly and honestly.  No gimmicks.  No deception.  Just a genuine representation of who Christ is and what He has done for us.  This message does not come easy.  It takes the messenger on a journey of self reflection and discovery.  They need to redefine who they are and see themselves as they are; as people that are in desperate need of God.  This kind of authenticity helps believers get real with their faith and gives them a starting point, like on a gps.  You can’t know where your going without setting a current location.


Celebration - We value the after party.

[Psalm 150:1-6; Luke 15:23-24]

We are living in an era of complete forgiveness and grace.  The work of sanctification was complete when Jesus died on the cross and rose again from the dead.  What better reason to celebrate than that!  We want GXE to be a place of love, life, and laughter.  We want to celebrate the goodness of God and focus life on the victory of Christ.  This doesn’t mean we won’t cry, and tackle heavy concepts, but it does mean that church will be life giving, celebratory and filled with joy.  In other words: won’t be a drag. 


Community - We value the “we” not the “me.”

[1 Corinthians 12; Philippians 2:4; Galatians 6:2]

Your faith is not your own.  No one is suppose to walk this faith journey alone.  In Galatians, Paul encourages believers to "bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ."  In Hebrews the author charges Christians to encourage one another and to persevere in meeting together.  We expect believers to share their struggles, share their triumphs, and to participate in life together.  When you share your faith life in an authentic fashion other brothers and sisters in faith will be encouraged.   


Restoration - We value the beautiful mistakes

[Romans 3:22-24]

Jesus is a God of love and redemption.  His love brought Him into the grave, but it was His power that resurrected Him and defeated all our mistakes for all of time.  In His love, Jesus gave His life so that the rift between mankind and our Heavenly Father could be mended.  The world is made up of countless hurt people.  As forgiven people, we choose to accept.  As redeemed people, we understand mistakes and seek to look past them, love them, and accept them.


Honor  - We value the weight of principles/probity

[1 Peter 2:17-19; Hebrews 5:4; Romans 12:10]

Respect is earned.  Honor is given.  The honor we give to others isn’t dictated by their wealth, power, or even character; the honor we give is dictated by our integrity and our character.  The Hebrew word for honor is kabod which means "to give weight to someone." To honor someone, then, is to give weight or to grant a person a position of respect and even authority in one's life.  While honor is an internal attitude, it should be accompanied by appropriate action.  Honor without such action, it is incomplete; lip service.  The source of all honor is God on the basis of his position as sovereign Creator and of his character as a loving Father.  And we choose to give honor to our government, our military, our state, our city, our authorities, our parents, our friends, and even our enemies.