how to get involved


GXE knows that we are in for a spiritual fight.  And we know a battle is won not alone, but with an army of strong believers.  Partner with us by joining us in prayer, as we pray for the fed up, frustrated, and fatigued.  Follow us on social media, attend our worship experience on Sundays and join us for open prayer every first Tuesday night of the month at 6pm - 8pm.


There is no way GXE could happen without the help of it's community.  Whether you are packing up the kids in a van to come to an event, helping setup chairs on a Sunday morning, teaching a bible study at an empire group, we need your help to do it.


People can't come to Grace Empire if they don't know it exists!  We would love it if you would use your influence to help spread the word that everyone is loved and welcome at GXE.  Your simple post on facebook, twitter, instagram, and snapchat will help people know that there is a New Tampa/Wesley Chapel that
loves them!


Let's get real. Churches and change cannot happen without the help of generous people like you.  We need your help to make Grace Empire become a place that helps people, not just in word but in action.  We want to be a church that helps people find Jesus in a powerful, life altering way, but that can only happen if we show them, not just tell them. Let's worship with every part of our lives.