U.N.O. Focused

The Unbeliever fulfills our primary mission of the church.  There are approximately 3 million people in the Tampa Bay area that does not know God and we want to help change that.  We want our primary growth to come from Unbelievers and to help them begin having a life long relationship with Jesus.  We will do this with a church with open doors and open arms.  We understand that everyone has faults and mistakes, but its because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, not our merit, that we are able to stand holy and unashamed in front of our Creator.  We plan to do this with an incredible first time experience, dynamic worship, solid teaching, and a consistent next steps class that will be offered every week at GXE. 

The New Believer is someone that may have come to the faith through Grace Empire or someone that has been a believer for some time but very young in the faith.  New Believers need a strong foundation and that is given through teaching New Believers how to self feed through prayer, scripture, and application of what they learn.  Discipleship, small groups, and powerful worship will help the New Believer come to a deep intimate relationship with Jesus.  We will also provide a place for New Believers to serve to help them understand that faith without works is futile.  By helping discover what their talents and gifts are, they will find fulfillment when they use the abilities God has given them.

The Old Believer is person that is already a Christian and is hungering for more.  Some of our veteran believers already have strong, intimate, relationships with Jesus Christ and want more of his presence in their lives.  Others are looking for more opportunities to serve, disciple other believers, and live out their faith in action.  Still others may be in current situations that they feel fed up with religion, frustrated with their walk with God, or fatigued by life or by prolonged serving with little or no value.  These hurt believers are a largely forgotten demographic which we hope to change by providing a place of healing, community, and authentic conversations.  We realize that it’s going to be the power of the Holy Spirit that is going to help heal these believers, but its our job to provide a place of comfort and help facilitate that encounter with Christ.  Old Believers that need healing will not be asked to serve, but to be served, until they are ready to give and serve in a healthy way.  We want to help the Old Believer discover what God has created them to do, identify their dream, and have the local church help facilitate that dream.